SW-201 Saddle Washer
SW-201 Saddle Washer

SW-201 Saddle Washer

Model NO.

H-STRUT General Fittings are designed to fit with all H-STRUT 1-5/8"wide channels. All H-STRUT fittings are manufactured from 1/4"thick carbon steel, 1-5/8"wide, all holes are 9/16"diameter, spaced 1-7/8"on center and 13/16"from the end.

Sizes available:

  • 5/16"- Wt. 14#/100 pcs.
  • 7/16"- Wt. 14#/100 pcs.
  • 9/16"- Wt. 14#/100 pcs.
  • 11/16"- Wt. 13#/100 pcs.
  • 13/16"- Wt. 13#/100 pcs.

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