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H.J Tech Industry, is a leading manufacturer in the production of Steel washers,Pipe Clamps,Furniture Reinforcements,Construction Brackets and the commerce of bolts and nuts.

Founded in 2005, the company has been playing an important role in the development of many industrial realities in its region. From a Washer factory(H.J Fastener),which was established by 1995,and now we develop into a diversity of Washers,Furniture hardware,Pipe clamps,and etc integrated factory.
The company area covers about 18000 square meters and includes:
Tools&Dies Department:for stocking the dies of standard products&developing dies for new products or special parts.
Production Department: for the manufacturing of standard and special parts.
Deburring Fepartment:Polishing metal products
Packing Room:to pack the products according to customer's request.
Warehouse: for the stocking and delivery of the finished products;
Raw Material Warehouse:for the preparation of production.
Test Department:to control the entrance of raw material,and test the products before packing.
H.J Tech Industry offers
Own manufacture range:
Flat washers according to DIN, ISO, UNI,ASTM;
Fender Washers,SAE Washers,USS Washers,Hardened Washer,Spring washers.Contact washers,Conical Washers,Repair Washers,Tab Washers,Beveled Washers F436 A325 A490;
Pipe Clamps:RGD/EMT Tubing Clips,Strut Clamps;
Furniture Reinforcement :Shelf Brackets,Corner Braces,Angle brackets,Mending Plates;
Construction Brackets:Timber Connectors,

roth bracket

Angle Bracket,Joist Hanger

Channel Strut Fittings:Corner Angle,Cross Corner Plates,Splice Plates;
Duct Accessories:TDF/TDC Duct Corners,HAVC Duct Flange Corners;
Parts on drawing.
Commercial range:
Hex Bolts,Hex Cap Screw,Carriage bolts,Hex Nuts,Hex Flange Nuts,A194 Heavy Hex Nut,Hex lock nuts nylon insert, T-Nuts,Coupling nuts
H.J Tech Industry are working for a operating system to speed up the managing of customer,which range Technology confirmed,Production arrangement,Product testing and Shippment arranging after order placed. This was necessary to operate in a continuous growing market. It is the answer to a world which compels to be skilled by using advanced managing strategies and an extreme flexibility in the work organisation and that sentences to a quick and merciless exclusion from the manufacturing world, those companies which are not able to remain in step with innovation.
H.J Tech Industry is certificated according to the ISO 9001:2015 since 2016 and experienced always more attention to quality controls. by considering customer satisfaction and continuous improvement as main features of its activity.